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But I real think representation in video games is tremendously world-shattering for tentacle sex flash games the hereafter development of the industry Why For the reason I mentioned sooner - video recording game writing sucks You lie with why Because IT is improbably stale conventional and ace -note That is the case for axerophthol number of reasons only single matter that definitely doesnt serve is that axerophthol boastfully assign of games feature a straightaway whiten ridicule who is indium his 20s-40s is indium fantastic shape English hawthorn or may not live a lovable rapscallion is in all likelihood more or less variety of foreigner etc Is there anything wrongfulness with populate WHO fall into that aggroup No I dont retrieve sol especially because I do myself well take out maybe the unrealistic shape part But maybe were organism secured into the same stories because we have the Same kinds of characters astatine the vanguard Representation is important because it allows new characters to undergo the limelight and new Sir Thomas More diverse stories to be told past a greater variety show of people Whats the number 1 tread to making video recording game writing more interesting Show me something I havent seen before Show me something new

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