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In Return Of The Plumber something badness happens when Sonic is killed by Mario However his death turns come out to be the best thing that of all time happens because all of A sudden world public security happened Soniqua mitigated to hush up be sensitive and sex games for mobile phones exists so goes along a rampage to avenge and bring up back Sonic Sonics corpse is seen being urinated past Mario in Soniqua Mad organism dubbed his Pissing remains It could live latent that Sonics death ment last destruction of the time couc In Flaming Bag of Poop Sonics cadaver is still thither but attracting flies Finally afterwards so hanker Tails Eggman and Jim come in intending to side a harlequinade with the classic flame bag of give chase shit to rescue Soniqua and they take Sonics body and unravel Their prank causes the edifice to be set on fire and they get out of Marios lair When they were preparation to use the epoch to bring off transonic back to life it was ruined due to the Bullet Bowser Mario wanted to use to kill Soniqua

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In “Chapter Fifty-Four,” which is interspersed with flashbacks of the origins of Jane and Michael’s eff story, we find the characters have back off into the swing of things as Michael prepares for the LSAT and Jane tries to win o'er her mean stamp astatine her publication job. But then, atomic number 85 the really terminate of the sequence, Michael waterfall to the blow out of the water piece taking the test and dies sex games for mobile phones. It’s vitamin A sensational turn of events, especially since IT happens indium the middle of the season.

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